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GCI can advise on best practices to maximize benefits for Indigenous communities, industry & government.

Practiced methodologies & framework activities include:

  • Indigenous Rights as related to UNDRIP, FPIC, OCAP, GBA+, TRC Calls to Action, Cultural & Hereditary views

  • Impact Assessments & practices

  • Stakeholder engagement practices, Community & Industry relations

  • Negotiations for direct bottom line impact

  • Strategic & Operational planning, development, implementation & management

  • Elevate business processes, policies and procurement

  • Deepen cultural perspectives & attitudes

  • Business Development

Utilizing international, provincial & locally accepted practices GCI marries successful cultural, social, and business methodologies to achieve meaningful, practical, ethical, and realistic solutions targeted to improve organization's holistic approach to business.    

For more on how GCI services can enhance your organization please reach out to Thomas (TJ) Nyce

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