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Related to Indigenous community:

  • Connect Indigenous community with Indigenous participants

  • Develop & enhance:

    • Framework for project agreements between owner and industry

    • Engagement strategies & processes for industry

    • Employment strategies for membership & affiliations including realistic target commitments 

    • Procurement process tailored to community governance structure & project specific agreements

    • Business improvements for Indigenous economic entity & community participation

    • Community to community benefit arrangements and strategies of participation with external participants

  • Negotiate:

    • Project specific agreements for one or all involved stakeholders

    • Business opportunities for community or affiliated partners

    • Lease 

Related to Industry:

  • Operational plan development of:

    • Indigenous Engagement Plan

    • Indigenous Engagement Policy

    • Contractor Local Implementation Plan (CLIP)

    • Community Engagement Plan

    • Subcontractor Engagement Plan

    • Indigenous employment & subcontractor utilization plan

    • Reporting and tracking methodology

  • Project specific agreement(s):

    • Framework development of project agreements

    • Methodology and best practices for employment, subcontracts, procurement, reporting, engagement, communication, and utilization of resources d

    • Implementation & execution of project specific agreements with existing or new business processes

  • Facilitate:

    • Introductions to Indigenous communities

    • Communication internal with industry participants (owner, engineering, procurement, construction) and external with Indigenous community

    • Strategy planning & development

    • Policy changes reflective of current Indigenous business practices

    • Review and report on socio economic landscapes

    • Cultural awareness education

Related to Government:

  • Advise on:

    • Current industry challenges & opportunities related to Indigenous and local inclusion

    • Best practices to improve Indigenous participation in the construction industry

    • Cultural similarities & differences with project participants

    • Socio-economic & political realities Indigenous communities face

    • Relevant business methodologies current to indigenous community and industry 

    • Indigenous community and industry engagement opportunities

    • Methodologies to obtain meaningful Indigenous and industry relationships  

    • Cultural protocol & awareness


For more on how GCI services can enhance your organization please reach out to Thomas (TJ) Nyce

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